The Twelve-80 is a scratch build sponsored by MSI, HyperX, and Bitspower.  Built around the new MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard, the build carries on the distinctive black and white color scheme with the case getting graphics to match the new Z270 board.  Under those graphics, the case is 2mm, hand-bent aluminum with the sum of the bends giving the Twelve-80 it's name.  It features an Intel i7 6700K processor on the MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard, with HyperX Predator RAM, HyperX Predator NVME drive, and a MSI GTX980Ti Lightning for graphics.  Power is supplied by a Silverstone 600w SFX PSU to keep things compact and all cooling components are from Bitspower with clear hardline tubing filled with Mayhem's white pastel to fit the color theme.