The Twelve-80 is a scratch build sponsored by MSI, HyperX, and Bitspower.  Built around the new MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard, the build carries on the distinctive black and white color scheme with the case getting graphics to match the new Z270 board.  Under those graphics, the case is 2mm, hand-bent aluminum with the sum of the bends giving the Twelve-80 it's name.  It features an Intel i7 6700K processor on the MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard, with HyperX Predator RAM, HyperX Predator NVME drive, and a MSI GTX980Ti Lightning for graphics.  Power is supplied by a Silverstone 600w SFX PSU to keep things compact and all cooling components are from Bitspower with clear hardline tubing filled with Mayhem's white pastel to fit the color theme.


Hot rods have a natural connection to case modding.  The same principals apply, take something stock and modify it to look and/or perform better.  That connection, and growing up drooling over car magazines, made Rehab inevitable.  Flames and tons of chrome, aluminum, and stainless give it that old school hot rod feel.  Rehab features an Intel i7 6700K processor, a Gigabyte Z170 motherboard, and a Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming graphics card.  While the graphics card keeps it air cooling, the processor gets watercooling with components from Hardware Labs, Heatkiller, MNPCTECH, and Alphacool with the coolant running through stainless steel lines.


Inspired by an EDM song and a nature video, Gigantea started out as a crazy idea to turn a mITX case into a giant centipede.  Three Cooler Master Elite 130 cases later, that idea has come to life.  At nearly three feet tall and four feet long, it definitely lives up to it's name!  The three cases were sectioned and then attached to an aluminum backbone and given new bodywork, along with 20 legs.  Gigantea features an Intel Core i5 4690K processor, a Gigabyte mITX motherboard, an Asus Strix GTX980 graphics card and a custom water loop with 4 Alphacool 80mm radiators, EK waterblocks, and it's prized possession, a Monsoon MMRS reservoir with a D5 pump.


Scout uses an ID Cooling T 60-SFX mITX case that I won from MNPCtech, and turned into a killer robot/LAN machine.  The inspiration for the design comes from the novel Roboapocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson, and it features an Intel 4790K i7 processor, a Gigabyte mITX motherboard, an Asus Strix GTX960 graphics card, and the craziest CPU air cooler I could find, the Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3.


In kendo, shinai is a bamboo sword.  Like the kendo weapon, my Shinai features real bamboo as one of its major visual components, paired with brushed aluminum and an Inferno Red paint job.  And with an Intel 4790K i7 processor and a Gigabyte GTX980Ti Gaming G1 graphics card, it's ready for a fight on any virtual battlefield.


I named this project Spark because I wanted to bring a spark of life to some older hardware.  Featuring a scratch built acrylic case painted Hot Rod black with pearl white accents, Spark's heart is an Intel i7 920 on a Gigabyte X-58 motherboard; the same components that got me back into PC gaming back in 2008.   Updating the system with custom water cooling, a SSD main drive, and an Asus R9 280X makes sure that it's still very capable.


Built to compete in Cooler Master's 2015 Casemod World Series, F3 started life as a Cooler Master Scout II.  My first real casemod, it was definitely learning experience, and took 2nd place in the tower mod category. The crazy bent case design and red/silver paint job was inspired by the MV Agusta F3 800 sportbike.  Featuring an Intel 4690K processor and Asus Strix GTX980 on an Asus Z97 motherboard, F3 sticks to the sportbike idea of having everything you need to go fast, and nothing that you don't.