For Sale

In the process of modding cases, I usually wind up with extra parts or even extra cases so browse what I've got sitting around and if you're interested in something, send me a message using the links at the bottom of the page!

2013-09-06 23.42.20.jpg

Casemod:  Rehab

With the MOD2WIN contest over and Rehab back from CES, I'm having a hard time finding a place to put it.  Rehab is a fully modded Fractal R4 running an Intel i7 6700K under water and a Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming with stock cooling.  With custom paint, fab work, and even a hood, it's definitely one of a kind.  It's taken third in the Gigabyte MOD2WIN contest, appeared at Gigabyte's booth at CES 2017, and been in a CPU Magazine article about the MOD2WIN contest as well so it's definitely an eye catcher.  It's also a deal since I'm discounting it a bit after having to do some touch-up after it's cross country trip.  Asking $4500, but shoot me an offer.

2012-11-10 01.49.20.jpg

Casemod:  Shinai

My pride and joy and definitely my favorite so far.  It's been my personal computer for the last year and done everything I asked of it and looked good while doing it.  Shinai started as an Antec P380 and received liberal doses of bamboo veneer, aluminum, and a gorgeous metallic garnet red.  It runs an i7 4790k and Gigabyte GTX980Ti G1 Gaming, both under EK acrylic blocks, with hardline tubing, a D5, and two 360mm radiators.  A clear acrylic panel on one side and a SSD window on the other side show off all the hardware.  A CPU Magazine Mad Reader Mod, Maximum PC's Rig of the Month, nominated for Bit-Tech's mod of the year, and a 2nd place finish in the case mod competition at CPULAN prove that it's a looker.  Currently listed on Ebay starting at $4000, but if interested, message me and maybe we can work something out.

2017-03-07 20.00.42.jpg

Cooler Master 140mm case fans (set of 3)

Set of 3 Cooler Master 140mm stock case fans.  I have two sets of these and would prefer not to sell singles, but would consider pairs.  Pulled out of a Mastercase5 and have never been run.  3-pin connections.  $25 for a set of 3.

2017-03-07 20.06.19.jpg

Phanteks 140mm Case fans (set of 3)

Set of 3 Phanteks 140mm stock case fans.  New, pulled out of an Evolv ATX.  3-pin connections.  $25 for the set.

2017-03-07 20.04.56.jpg

lepa 120mm radiator fans (pair)

Pair of LEPA 120mm radiator fans from an Exllusion AIO cooler.  4-pin PWM.  New. $16 for the pair.

2017-03-07 20.05.25.jpg

Prolimatech Slim Vortex 12 fans (Pair)

Pair of Prolimatech 120mm slim (15mm) Vortex fans.  Bought for a project and used them for some mock up, but never run.  One in packaging, one without, no mounting hardware or splitters that they came with.  One is missing the back sticker.  4-pin PWM.  Retail for $20 each, but I'll take $20 for the pair.


Alphacool Nexxxos Xt45 120mm radiator

New Alphacool XT45 radiator, 45mm thick, 120mm single fan, 6 x G1/4" ports.  Bought four for a project, held them up to said project to see they weren't close to fitting, then put them back in the boxes.  Will sell as singles, or go crazy and buy all 4!  $50+ retail, asking $40 each.

2017-03-07 20.02.35.jpg

ID Cooling 120mm Case Fans (pair)

Pair of ID Cooling 120mm case fans, rubber mounts (blue), clear blades.  Brand new.  3-pin connectors.  $16 for the pair.

2017-03-07 20.07.01.jpg

Evercool 92mm aluminum frame case fan

Evercool 92mm case fan with finned aluminum frame.  Bought an extra during a project.  Still in packaging. 3-pin connector.  $8.